There have been very little opportunities for Property Investors, Builders, Ltd Companies and Individuals to purchase and acquire new properties with the intention of refurbishment.

There are some fantastic opportunities with great properties available and for the first time in a long while, KBE Solutions have sourced Lenders and Banks to assist and who have a real appetite to lend.

KBE Solutions will use their experience and expertise in sourcing the most suitable terms with the most competitive rates in the market to achieve successful completion.

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  • Borrow up to 75% LTV towards the purchase
  • Rates from 0.59% per month
  • In addition to this, some lenders will allow a further 70% to be borrowed towards the build and refurbishment costs
  • Term 1 month to 18 months
  • Interest payments are retained so no need to make monthly payments whilst completing the works
  • Stage drawdown’s are acceptable so interest is only paid on the monies borrowed
  • Very quick access to funds